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Dolphin and Seal Swims near Melbourne

Operating from historic Queenscliff, Victoria. Sea All Dolphins Swims is a nature based tourism business offering a wide range of marine experiences. Exploring the rich and diverse waters of Southern Port Phillip Bay that presents opportunities to swim with wild dolphins and seals or snorkel in unique marine national parks.

Dolphin and Seal Swims for School groups

Only an hour and 45 minutes away from Melbourne. Sea All Dolphins Swims tours offer a clever blend of fun adventure and education, we will ensure your Sea All experience will be one you’ll remember for a long long time.

Channel Deepening

Radio interview with Sally Renzenbrink, from Sea All Dolphin Swims in Queenscliff, south of Melbourne. She discusses the potential risks of deepening the Melbourne Bay and what it would mean for the Bottle Nose Dolphins who live there as well as the businesses that depend on an intact ecosystem and the dolphins being there.

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