Alternative Activities

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SEA ALL is proud to offer the following activities for you and your students:

South Channel Fort tours

Shore Snorkel

Beachcombing & Coastal Revegetation activities.

Port Phillip Bay – Sightsee Cruise

Introduction to Scuba

Introduction to Snorkelling


Please see below for further details regarding each of these programs

South Channel Fort Adventure

A mysterious island – complete with rare wildlife and a secret underground military base to boot! All of this plus more is available for exploration on one of our guided tours. South Channel Fort has remained in a time capsule since the late 1800’s offering a glimpse into Port Phillip Bay’s history and heritage.

We have access to the entire island, including access to the underground network of tunnels.

We will also stop at Pope’s Eye and Chinaman’s Hat along the way – giving the students the chance to see the Australasian Gannets and Australian Fur Seals up close and personal while learning the unique history linked to the construction of South Channel Fort.

Cost: $45 per student (for every 10 students, 1 teacher is Free of charge). Cost is inclusive of two tour guides for both the boat and the island, full access to underground network, and morning / afternoon tea. Cost includes GST.

Duration: 15 minute registration followed by a 3 hour tour (3.25 hours total – one hour of which is spent on the island)

Minimum: 15 students

Maximum: 30 (including teachers)

Alternatives Options: As a result of a close partnership with Parks Victoria, we are able to offer an extended version of this trip that involves some form of community work, including any of the following:

  • Weeding
  • Revegetation & Rehabilitation
  • Excavation of buried sections of the fort (i.e shovelling sand)
  • Shore snorkel / reef surveys

Shore Snorkel

Some schools use this activity to introduce their students to the water and then follow it up with a 3.5 hour Dolphin & Seal Swim – thereby consolidating the students’ learning. This tour explores the rich and diverse waters of southern Port Phillip Bay by snorkelling in areas showcasing marine habitats rich in unique flora and flora. With a clever blend of fun, adventure and education we can tailor the snorkel to suit your curriculum requirements including all relevant area’s of V.C.E.

Cost: $20 per student (for every 10 students, 1 teacher is Free of charge). Cost is inclusive of all equipment and tuition. Cost includes GST.

Duration: Half hour registration & gear up followed by a 1.5 hour tour (2 hours in total)

Minimum: 10 students

Maximum: 60 (including teachers)

Alternative Options: Please note that we are able to deliver this activity elsewhere (i.e your local pool or at your school), although an additional fee may apply depending on travel times for our staff.

Port Phillip Bay – Sightsee Cruise

Explores the rich and diverse waters of Southern Port Phillip Bay’s ecology and history. The cruise departs from Queenscliff Harbour and heads out to Pope’s Eye marine sanctuary which is also home to the Australasian Gannet. On to Chinaman’s hat to experience Australian Fur Seals followed by a cruise along Point Nepean revealing the historic Quarantine Station, Fort Nepean and The Rip. With a clever blend of fun, adventure and education we can tailor the tour to suit your curriculum requirements.

Cost: $500 for 2 hour vessel charter. Cost is inclusive of skipper and one guide, all safety equipment and morning / afternoon tea. Cost includes GST.

Minimum: No minimum as it is a standard boat fee.

Maximum: 25 (including teachers)

Beachcomb & Coastal Revegetation

Australia’s southern coastline has one of the highest levels of endemism in the world, with over 90% of our marine life found nowhere else in the world. Join us as we take walk along a local beach and bring to life this diversity, with both artefacts that we find – as well as some additional items that we bring along.

Cost: $8 per student. Cost includes GST

Duration: 1.5 hour tour.

Minimum: 10 Students

Maximum: 90 Students (including teachers)

Alternative Options:  We are very flexible with regard to our itinerary on the day, and are able to focus on specific locations or curriculum focus as per your requirements.

We can increase the time, and also the location of this activity (usually delivered in Queenscliff) to suit your needs. If delivered elsewhere, an additional fee may apply depending on travel times.

We can also deliver this in conjuction with a coastal revegetation / rehabilitation program, where we work with local land managers to restore sections of coastline that have been degraded. This can involve weeding and / or planting of seedlings – preferably both!

Introduction to Scuba

  • Learn to scuba dive – no experience or certification necessary
  • Get familiar with equipment in a safe, heated pool
  • Session taught by an experienced SSI professional

This two hour course is a great way to experience the thrill of scuba diving in a safe, heated pool. Students are challenged, but rewarded for learning a new skill, in a secure environment.  Your experience begins with a pool scuba where you will learn all of the necessary safety skills before hitting the open water (optional). Be guided by an SSI professional and be amazed by the world of scuba.

Cost: $TBC on application

Minimum: No minimum required

Maximum: 30 (including teachers)

Introduction to Snorkelling

  • Learn to snorkel in the safety of a pool
  • Session taught by experienced and friendly staff
  • Learn a new life skill that unlocks marine discovery

Snorkelling is a wonderful way to explore the magic of the ocean and discover beautiful marine environments.  So to learn about the equipment and techniques in a safe, heated pool is one of the best ways to nurture a love of marine discovery.

Cost: $20 per person

Minimum: No minimum required

Maximum: 30 (including teachers)

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