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Feel it, Hear it, Taste it, Smell it, Sea it!

Come and check out some of the new programs aboard Sea All Dolphin Swims offering student’s hands on experience, to learn about, taste, smell and see Port Phillip Bay – and don’t forget the chance to have fun. Basically the trip of a lifetime they will never forget!

With a clever blend of fun adventure and education, we can tailor the tour to suit your curriculum requirements including all relevant areas of VCE.

We place a high emphasis on education, fun, and adventure without sacrificing the elements of environmental sustainability and safety

At least one teacher is expected to be with the students at all times – that includes in and out of the water.

8:30am – 12:30pm
1:00pm – 5:00pm
Tour times can be varied on request

Students:          $80
Extra teachers:  $80

Minimum group size is 12 Students.
1 teacher Free of charge for every 10 students.

The youngest snorkeling groups we cater to are Grade 6, however we are able to take students from Grade 3-5 on site-seeing tours.


General Tour
Three and a half hours of educational fun and adventure where students and teachers will be taught safe snorkeling practices while exploring the wonders of Port Phillip Bay. This activity is suitable for a wide range of ages and abilities.
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We are very flexible with regard to our itinerary on the day and are able to focus on specific locations or curriculum.

The Ultimate Outdoor Experience
Southern Port Phillip Bay provides a rare opportunity to snorkel in amazing Marine National Parks and with wild marine animals. Students are taught how to do all of these things safely. In addition, this module focuses on how the media can influence the way in which people view the Bay.
Outdoor and Environmental Studies – Unit 1: Understanding outdoor experiences
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Preserve or Plunder
Explore the wonders of Port Phillip Bay and how the introduction of Marine National Parks is helping to conserve some of its unique organisms. Students also come face to face with some of the issues that may potentially affect the health of the natural environment, such as fishing, pollution or the Channel Deepening Project.

Outdoor and Environmental Studies – Unit 2: Environmental impacts
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Our Relationship with the Bay
This program demonstrates how different user groups interact in the Bay and the impacts that they may have on the environment. Students will also discover the importance of a healthy Bay and what is being done to protect this asset.
Outdoor and Environmental Studies – Unit 3: Relationships with outdoor environments & Unit 4: Sustainable outdoor relationships experiences.

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What’s in an Ecosystem?
Discover the ecosystems of Port Phillip Bay by analysing the interactions between the living and non-living components. Students will discover how humans have induced environmental change within the Bay, with reference to Introduced Species, Pollution, Tourism, and Marine National Parks.
Environmental Science – Unit 2: How can pollution be managed?

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Biodiversity of the Bay
Students will learn the importance of biodiversity with regard to sustaining a healthy environment. Ever since European settlement, diversity within the Bay has been under threat due to practices such as fishing, habitat destruction and modification, and the introduction of exotic species.
Environmental Science – Unit 3: How can biodiversity and development be sustained?

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Survival Skills & Secrets
Through the study of the numerous structural, behavioural and physiological adaptations of Port Phillip Bay’s marine organisms, students will learn how marine life is perfectly suited to their local marine environment, how they form interconnected communities and utilise abiotic components.
Biology – Unit 1: How do living things stay alive?
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Neighbourly Interactions
Port Phillip Bay is a complex ecosystem. Here students will learn how organisms interact with each other to form a healthy environment, how reliance on abiotic environmental factors are essential for an organisms survival and how humans fit into the whole scheme of things.
Science –Levels 7, 8, 9, & 10.
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Tourism in Southern Port Phillip Bay
This program show cases Southern Port Phillip Bay as a unique tourist destination. Students will learn about the various user groups of the bay ranging from tourism, recreational to commercial and how these user groups interact with each other, interact with the bay and the positive and negative impacts these have on an environmental, social  and economic level. See how sustainable practices of bay users is managed and monitored thereby adjusting to changing social needs.

Geography – Unit 2: Tourism
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