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The Bay Wave

  • Rates:  2.5 hours Bay Wave surfing lesson (inclusive of all equipment and surfing tuition).
    • Adults $99
    • Child $69
    • Spectators $30


The Bay Wave is the easiest way to learn to surf. We are so confident you will be stand up and surf that we offer the only surf school guarantee – stand and surf the first trip or the next surf trips free.

The Bay Wave is Victoria’s first and only man made wave learn to surf experience. It is created by the hull of our 11 meter timber vessel. The wave breaks right beside the boat and will take you on a ride that can last for minutes at a time covering kilometers.

The surf zone is right beside the boat up to 4 meters out behind our boom net, you are so close you will be able to chat with your loved ones while you catch the ride of your life. This allows the qualified instructors to teach you correct technique in real time while you surf.

The surf lesson begins just a short drive from the start of the Great Ocean Road at Queenscliff Harbour, where you will be greeted by our friendly and professional team. You will then be fitted out with a warm and buoyant wetsuit and provided with expert learn to surf instruction while we head out from the harbour.

Once on the water, we will find the perfect sheltered location for your surf lesson and provide a comprehensive live demonstration and instruction.

Entering the water is an easy step down off our boom net hammock and straight onto the board waiting below. You will then be handed a rope to hold onto and our vessel will gently begin to make way.

An Instructor will hold the board steady and in position on the wave while you take as much time as you need to get to your feet, once on your feet and comfortable the instructor will slowly let go of the board and you will gently glide into the wave and begin surfing freely.

Surfing this wave can last minutes at a time and it is very common for people to catch the longest ride of their life, and then step back onto the boat without even getting their hair wet!

If you do fall, nothing is to worry, an instructor will be straight into the water with you. They will escort you back to the surfboard where you can both sit on the board above the water while the vessel turns around to collect you just a few moments later.

We are so confident that you will get to your feet and stand that we offer a surf first trip guarantee – the only surf school to guarantee your surfing success. Surf the first trip guarantee or the next surf trips free!

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2.5 hrs


Suitable For

All ages, sizes and abilities. The Bay Wave is perfect for anyone who has tried to learn to surf the conventional way and not had the results they had desired.



  • Soft Surfboard
  • Wetsuit
  • Expert instruction delivered while you surf from highly experienced surf instructors
  • Light refreshments
  • Excellent photo opportunities
  • Fantastic views of Port Phillip Bay while on route to the protected surf cove
  • Light refreshments provided
  • Toilets on board and warm showers available at the harbour


We are so confident that you will get to your feet and stand that we offer a surf first trip guarantee – the only surf school to guarantee your surfing success. Surf the first trip guarantee or the next surf trips free!

Surf Lessons

  • Rates:  2 hours private surfing lesson (inclusive of all equipment and surfing tuition).
    • 1 – 5 people

    1st person $150
    2nd to 5th person $60 each  (GST inclusive)

    • 5+ group

          Adult $60,
    child  (5-15 yrs) $55 (GST inclusive)

    For school group pricing, please refer to the “Schools & Groups” section of our website.

Group Surf Lessons Melbourne

Our surf lessons are conducted by qualified instructors who are experienced local surfers that understand and surf our local beaches daily.

Your surf lesson will consist of a warm-up activity followed by correct and effective stretching exercises. We will teach you about how the beach works, where’s the best place to surf, what a rip looks like and what to watch out for.

Once you are through the beach safety we will teach you everything you need to know about catching your first wave and getting the most out of your experience. Our instructors take a hands-on approach in the water and will ensure you are receiving instruction between waves to give you the best chance of surfing to the best of your ability.

We conduct our lessons primarily at Ocean Grove main beach, the best learn to surf beach along the Bellarine Peninsula. Mains is known as the best learn to surf beach on the Bellarine as it is a gently rolling wave that rarely has prominent rips.

It frequently offers up to 150 meters of surfable wave, this provides you with more time to get to your feet and enjoy the ride.   Other locations are available upon request. Contact our office now (03) 5258 3889.

Please note: due to restrictions on overcrowding through January, we are unable to offer surf lessons during this month, but will be back in force throughout February and beyond!

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2 hrs


Suitable For

All ages, sizes and abilities!



  • Surf Board
  • Wetsuit
  • Fully trained and highly experienced Surf Instructors
  • Toilets, changing rooms & showers


Please allow for some flexibility as we are very much subject to weather and water conditions. We aim to give you the very best experience that we can, and may need to alter the program or locality to suit.

Where We Are

Shop 3, Building 6,
Queenscliff Harbour
Queenscliff Vic 3225

Approximately 1.5 hrs from Melbourne CBD
(Melways 499 J9)

Dolphin Swim Season:
October – May

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