Give The Gift Of Adventure

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Find them a gift they’ll remember… an adventure they will love… and something they will talk about for years to come!

We’ve helped thousands of people find the perfect gift. Now, let us find yours.

Gift Vouchers: Tours

Snorkelling Tours: The Gift Of Adventure

Priced from $135

Let them get up close and personal with Port Phillip Bay’s marine wild life.  Swim with the seals, spot the dolphins, look out for the gannets and snorkel with loads of friendly fish.  Suitable for all ages and all swim abilities.

It’s the perfect gift of adventure! 

Sight Seeing Cruises: The Gift To Explore

Priced from $70

Let them fulfill their sense of adventure.. without dipping their toes in the water! Explore the southern Port Phillip Bay and watch the marine life swim, frolick and dive at Chinaman’s hat, Pope’s Eye above, and below the water!

Imagine their joy with this gift! 

Surf Tours: Beginners to Advanced

Priced from $79

Let them catch their first wave and feel that sensation of surfing.  We offer something to suit everyone – from complete beginners to experienced surfers.   Our experienced and professional surf coaches will have them carving it up in no time!

Give them the gift of their first wave!